We are always delighted to receive feedback from our clients on all matters relating to the coaching and training services we offer. Below are some genuine comments from past clients; if you have attended one of our courses and wish to provide feedback and/or a testimonial, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

I have worked with Jeff (and other colleagues from the Madison Group) over many years, in a number of NHS organisations, and with a wide variety of staff groups, ranging from Senior Medics to management teams, from multi-disciplinary groups to specialist nursing staff, and from small groups to a Division-wide OD programme.

There have been common themes and challenges throughout – team building from a positive base; team creation from a dysfunctional starting point; the objective of establishing individual and group responsibility and accountability, etc.

The experience has always been positive, and thought provoking, as well providing a good deal of fun (i.e. making the learning experience highly enjoyable). Difficult and sometimes personal issues have been dealt with both sensitively and positively, and I have been most impressed with Jeff’s ability to pick up quite complex topics very quickly, and to revamp the approach of a session at the drop of a hat.

The outcomes of the vast majority of these events have been dramatic, and all of the teams involved in the processes have welcomed Jeff’s input and style of delivery, and have moved on considerably as a result. Teams have either started to perform, or have taken their performance to another level – and in a sustainable way, which for me is key. Individuals too have become more self aware, and have developed a greater understanding of the impact they might have on colleagues.

Jeff – and his team – combine intellectual and emotional challenge, with extensive listening skills, and that crucial element of humour, to create an excellent learning and development experience.

I would not hesitate to recommend Jeff for any team development or coaching requirement, and I am confident that I will be asking him to work with me again in the future.

Keith Dibble

Interim Project Manager, Gastroenterology Services

Sheffield Hospitals NHS Trust

Jeff combines an excellent coaching style with significant experience and knowledge of business management. This combination ensured out 360 feedback project and subsequent executive coaching programme was considered by the Board of Directors to be the most impactful HR initiative delivered at ILG. Our leadership team are now in roles that play to their strengths, have a clear sense of direction, value what their colleagues bring to the team and are actively delivering our ambitious growth strategy. I have worked with Jeff on three occasions in both the public and private sector and would highly recommend him.

Jane Middlemiss

Director of Organisational Development


I’ve worked with Jeff for a number of years and value the time, energy and commitment he puts into really understanding what my service requirements are. He makes a point of getting to the crux, and then augments my thinking with solid suggestions based on his experience. The end result I believe is truly collaborative.

The key differences he brings is a sound ability to work within an undoubtedly complex sector environment (NHS) with great skill and fluency, positively influencing staff groups spanning middle managers though to chief execs and chairs.

The difference for me is that Jeff gets it right first time. I appreciate the pragmatic mix of high academia woven into practical application, a rare gift.

Rachel Kirkwood

Head of Organisational Development

Worcestershire Health and Care Trust

We particularly valued how much care and attention Jeff gave to meeting the educational needs of our group, both with respect to the initial training and the follow on supervision groups. He was very agile and able to adapt his style and content to the needs of the groups, which were very mixed.

We recognise the particular challenge when a group has both members with substantial relevant pre knowledge and others working much more at entry level.

With Jeff’s help, we now have a thriving network of coaches across the East of England area, a continuing program to train new coaches, and on-going supervision days for trained coaches.

Dr. Ruth Bastable

General Practitioner and Manager

AKESO Coaching

Jeff has been engaged at helping us to develop a strategic plan and culture change programme at Barrett Steel for the past twelve months or so.

His demeanour, temperament and interpersonal style are excellent and he ticks the boxes in terms of being an excellent facilitator and coach, with an ability to communicate effectively at all levels, from the Executive board to shop-floor level. At each level Jeff is able to introduce useful and meaningful analogies and case studies, drawn from his very evident breadth and depth of knowledge and experience.

Jeff is already making a big difference in helping to engage and motivate employees and to provide managers at all levels with the tools required to develop a high performance culture, whilst aligning Group level and individual site goals to deliver our five year plan.
The journey continues and I relish the opportunity of working with Jeff for many years to come.

I would have no hesitation to recommend him to anyone embarking on such a journey. “

Keith Shillam

Group Operations Director

Barrett Steel Limited

I worked with Jeff as part of a leadership development programme in Local Government and valued how adaptive his sessions were to individual needs as well as the needs of the group. I found his delivery gave a firm but professional notion that personal responsibility for learning and reflecting on development was a key part of the learning process as opposed to expecting to be ‘spoon fed’ the answer to your needs.

This supported a shift in my attitude towards learning and I now maintain use of the reflective learning principles for my own personal development. In my current role, which involves developing leadership, I have brought with me the principle of individual responsibility for leadership development and embed this within the core objectives of my own leadership programme.

I have attended many workshops, seminars and presentations within the field and the difference offered through Jeff/Madison was the opportunity to have open and frank two-way conversations throughout the whole process and it’s great to receive constructive challenge.

John Tench

National Graduate Development Scheme

Local Government Association

Jeff took the time to find out what our organisational challenges were and then designed a coaching programme that developed competent, professional in-house coaches that are equipped to support and challenge our managers.

Janine Osmond

Learning and Development Manager

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

In working with Jeff over nearly 20 years I have valued his integrity and professionalism more than anything. I am able work through my most difficult and sensitive issues, with complete trust and belief in the process. I have used Jeff for coaching myself on raising my own leadership bar, team facilitation through difficult transition/strategy pieces and for key members of my teams’ to lift performance. I have become an adept coach myself, built a better reflective style and become more resilient to the challenges business life throws at you through the understanding I’ve gained of myself. Jeff is understated, thoughtful and incisive; don’t’ expect ‘big bang’.

If I could summarise Jeff’s’ capabilities, I’d say he brilliant getting the individual or team to think how you/they act and lead better and he’s never looking for the limelight himself – it’s always about you- the client.

Simon Featherstone

Global Chief Executive

Bibby Financial Services Limited

You are a key member of the team that underpins my success as a Head of Function in LBG. I value the challenge you bring and the clarity you help me find when we are problem solving together, particularly navigating and value adding within a large and complex organisation. I always finish with a clear action plan.

Several of my senior teams have benefited from your input. Helping colleagues identify the true purpose of the team, their role within it, and how they can collaborate more effectively to drive forward deliverables has added real value for them and for the business.

The real difference comes from investing energy in getting to the root of an issue, understanding the full potential each solution offers, and how implementation can be accelerated through alignment of goals across the organisation. Your approach, challenging, then reflecting, really works for me.

Martin Beckwith

Head of Client Experience Improvement

Commercial Banking

Jeff brings a wealth of knowledge and experience of coaching to his work.Working alongside Jeff watching managers grow from tentative first steps at coaching to all being able to coach productively and several becoming highly skilled and confident coaches was a great process. Their energy and commitment to their role as internal coaches was a reflection on the trust and openness Jeff is able to quickly establish in the groups he works with. Humour, challenge, intellectual rigour bring an exciting journey for clients.

Sarah Ackroyd


The Centre for Mentoring & Coaching Ltd