360° Feedback Programmes

Working with individuals and teams to identify their strengths, resources and talent.

What one area would you work on to become a better leader?

You may know the answer to this question, but would your manager, your team and your colleagues agree? Do the rest of your team or organisation know the answer to that question for themselves?

360° feedback is a powerful process to improve yourself, your team and the organisation – particularly when the report is supported by the confidential coaching feedback we can provide.

360° feedback can be used either as a stand-alone or as an integral part of a leadership development programme. We have a range of tools available, all based on researched and proven methodology. Select from the range below for the one that suits you.

  • Leadership360°
  • 21st Century Public Servant 360° (with INLOGOV)
  • Team360°
  • Coach360°
  • Supervisor360°

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Bespoke service available: We can also tailor a 360° programme using your organisation’s leadership framework. We can add your logos and branding so it can fit seamlessly into your programme. Contact us to find out more

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