Getting and Using Structured Client Feedback

Based on our tried and tested 3600 feedback tool, we have produced a range of web based feedback questionnaires that can be used by you to get feedback from your clients in either your role as a coach or as a coach supervisor. The instruments can be used either as standalone or supported by a 90-minute supervision conversation with us. Easy to set up and repeat as necessary, it’s ideal for getting concrete and recorded evidence for professional accreditation and for enhancing your personal and professional development plan.

Choose between:

  • Coach3600
  • Supervisor3600

If you’d like to discuss how this could be personalised to your organisation contact us.

“Jeff combines an excellent coaching style with significant experience and knowledge of business management. This combination ensured our 3600 feedback project and subsequent executive coaching programme was considered by the Board of Directors to be the most impactful HR initiative delivered at ILG.”
Jane Middlemiss, Director of Organisational Development, ILG

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