Developing as a performance coach within your organisation

How do you engage all the members of your team and your organisation? How do you keep individuals and teams focused on what really matters? How do you translate the vision and mission you have for your team or your organisation into practical action that makes a difference for clients and colleagues?

We enable you to create excellence through developing a “performance coaching culture”:

  • Engaging and motivating staff by aligning goals of individuals, teams and the whole organisation
  • Getting individuals and teams to appreciate small step achievements, reinforcing what works and creating momentum
  • Developing the skills of constructive coaching feedback for enhanced learning and motivation

Performance Coaching” ensures individuals are aligned to the objectives of their team, their function or directorate and ultimately to the organisation, whilst supporting the development of behaviours that sustain high performance.

Our coach development is based on proven solutions-focused methodology, read more.

Our workshops are designed for up to 24 participants. Not only is this cost effective, it also allows whole leadership and management teams to attend the same programme, so they hear the same messages and can be engaged in constructive conversations and shared decisions.

Clients who have implemented the programme include: Reading Borough Council, Lloyds Group, Ikea, Warwickshire County Council, Mendip District Council, Wokingham Borough Council and Great Yarmouth District Council.

“What we valued with Jeff is that he came with an open mind and open ears. He listened to where we felt we were and worked with us to build exactly what we needed. There is a genuine enthusiasm to see people and organisations develop themselves. That means you do it through your own endeavours rather than by applying a standard package that stalls once the consultant leaves the building. Together, we were able to deliver sustained and lasting change” 
Tracy Aarons, Deputy Chief Executive, Mendip District Council

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