We are always delighted to receive feedback from our clients on all matters relating to the coaching and training services we offer. Below are some genuine comments from past clients; if you have attended one of our courses and wish to provide feedback and/or a testimonial, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

I have worked with Jeff for over 15 years in different roles. Working with his associates in SOLACE enterprises I commissioned him to design and deliver a senior management development programme for the large unitary authority I worked at which included him designing and delivering modules, facilitating Action Learning Sets and providing 1:1 coaching as part of the programme. I have used Jeff to facilitate one off Team Building events and to work with difficult employees. I have also engaged him off and on over a long period as my personal coach. I have always found Jeff to be very profession and conscientious in his approach, he listens well and interprets and executes a brief effectively. He delivers and has always received positive feedback and is very keen to learn and evaluate his own performance.

Over the years we have covered many topics in my coaching sessions, Jeff is insightful, sensitive and constructive, he has offered me space to think about difficult issues and work through them and develop my own action plan for addressing them. He has a light, but effective touch. I have put into practice many practical interventions as a result of our work together and thought more deeply and differently at situations, relationships and issues as a result of his skilful coaching style. I have gained a lot of insight into my own feelings and grown in confidence through this work, I have adopted new ways of working, coped with very challenging situations and significantly progressed my career as a result. As with all coaching arrangements, the chemistry is paramount, but I would highly recommend Jeff.

Bev Messinger

Senior Director, Operations


Jeff is an exemplary coach, bringing together a wide range of skills and techniques to provide tailored coaching relevant to the challenges being faced. He balances a relaxed and friendly style with and insightful questioning and facilitation/analysis. The depth of Jeff’s experience is clearly evident when you work with him and he is able to apply real world experience of individual and team dynamics to deliver clear business results.

I have worked with Jeff in a number of environments and as a result have benefitted from both a personal development perspective and more effective business results/outcomes. In particular, I have valued Jeff’s ability to quickly identify and focus on the root causes and to suggest effective strategies to address these areas.

Tony Morgan

Managing Director

Intelligent Working Capital Ltd.

As an organisation that was struggling to tackle how it could effectively harness the seemingly untapped potential within it, the support from the Madison Group to help us unlock our corporate understanding of what we needed to deliver; why we needed to deliver it and how would could  engage and develop our staff to join us positively on this journey has been invaluable. Jeff Matthews brings a breadth of experience in dealing with complex organisations without missing the importance of the individual and their impact.  I have particularly valued his ability to help us tease out what are the real issues we face without any personal agenda.

Often when you bring consultants in it can feel as though they have a standard package of fixes such that, regardless of what your real needs are, they attempt to adapt whatever you tell them your difficulties are so that their ‘fix’ is what you need. What I valued with Jeff was that he came with an open mind and open ears. He listened to where we felt we were and worked with us to build a support package to meet what we were saying. There is a genuine enthusiasm to see people and organisations develop themselves, which means that, as my organisation has, you do make big leaps in culture change and performance improvement but you do it through your own endeavours and with organisational commitment that therefore continues, rather than by applying a standard package that stalls once the consultant leaves the building.  

Tracy Aarons

Group Manager

Mendip District Council

We have been absolutely delighted with the choice we made in selecting Jeff Matthews to train and mentor our first cohort of accredited HfL coaches.  Without exception, the group have gone from strength to strength, gaining in confidence and honing their coaching skills. We are now able to further our ambition to develop a coaching culture within our company and are able to offer high quality executive coaching to our customers.  We wouldn’t recommend Jeff to anyone else because we want to keep him available to do more work with us!

Jan Paine

Managing Director

Herts for Learning

Mendip District Council has worked with, and received support from, Jeff over many years, dealing with a wide range of issues from performance coaching, team and individual development, improvement planning, etc. His engagement  with the Council has provided the catalyst to not only attain a greater level of self awareness, but to also provide more focussed support mechanisms to Officers that in turn has driven the significant improvement journey that the Council has been on. The support has always been  positive, striking the balance between being, honest, challenging, constructive and value adding. Perhaps most importantly, my experience is that on each occasion that I / we have worked with Jeff, he has made a positive difference, be it at an individual or corporate level, or indeed both.

Stuart Brown

Chief Executive

Mendip District Council