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Simon Featherstone – Bibby Financial Services Limited

In working with Jeff over nearly 20 years I have valued his integrity and professionalism more than anything. I am able work through my most difficult and sensitive issues, with complete trust and belief in the process. I have used Jeff for coaching myself on raising my own leadership bar, team facilitation through difficult transition/strategy pieces and for key members of my teams’ to lift performance. I have become an adept coach myself, built a better reflective style and become more resilient to the challenges business life throws at you through the understanding I’ve gained of myself. Jeff is understated, thoughtful and incisive; don’t’ expect ‘big bang’.

If I could summarise Jeff’s’ capabilities, I’d say he brilliant getting the individual or team to think how you/they act and lead better and he’s never looking for the limelight himself – it’s always about you- the client.

Simon Featherstone

Global Chief Executive

Bibby Financial Services Limited