Team Improvement Simulations

We can accelerate the creation of individual, team and organisational excellence by inviting groups to immerse themselves in sophisticated, tailored and demanding scenarios that mimic organisational context and challenges. The result? Individuals and the team can learn and develop effective strategies much faster, taking the in depth learning back to the work place.

As a result of our extensive work with clients in leadership development over the past 20 years, working with clients outdoors, using activity and experiential interventions, we are able to offer unique “total immersion” simulation exercises. Guaranteed to stretch, challenge and accelerate the learning of individuals and teams in your organisation.

Events can be tailored from one to up to three days and for groups from 12 to 120. Expertly facilitated, they are stretching, fun and safe, challenging and contained with space for supported reflection, constructive feedback and key learning.

Our process can be tailored to your exact needs, it will feel relevant and real to you and your situation – current and past clients include local government groups, financial services and commercial organisations of all stripes.

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