Coaching Your Team

Team Coaching: Supporting the co-creation of team excellence through the strategic alignment of the team’s purpose and goals (its co-mission) with its roles (co-ordination), its behaviours (co-operation) and its external communication.

How Fit is Your Top Team to Face the Challenge?

There has never been a more challenging time to be in a “top” team, whether you are looking after the fortunes of the whole organisation or a part of it. Keeping you and colleagues focused on what’s important, not getting sucked into the day to day at the expense of taking a long term view and working through the inevitable tensions that arise, can be difficult and demanding.

Organisations are complex; after all, they involve people, often lots of them, all with their different agendas and changing relationships. Leadership is complex, an art rather than a science. It also involves all members of the team – not just a few. It can be easy for bright and able people to lose themselves in the intellectual work of understanding what’s happening. Which is why we at The Madison Group after 25 years in the field, have developed a programme of “Strategic Leadership Team Development” to help bring focus. As the name suggests, it’s very much more than a simple ‘team building’ event.

Based on the acclaimed Team Coaching methodology of Prof. Peter Hawkins, we help you understand and then meet the complex challenges you face. It’s a pragmatic approach, one in which we help you identify the practical shifts that will make the biggest difference – and they don’t have to be big ones. Indeed, you may already be doing some of it and you hadn’t realised it.

We will support you in developing a clear sense of your preferred future, of refreshing the vision and mission of your organisation and re-engaging your team in their contribution toward that, all set in the strategic context and conflicting demands you face. We support you in working through the differences of opinion that are often present in senior teams raising the quality of your debate – of the dialogue within your team. Faced with challenging decisions and irresolvable dilemmas, you need the best quality thinking, shared in the most constructive and yet challenging way. And you need it now, looking forwards, not in 3 months’ time, looking backwards.

And our approach works. We have an enviable client list in both public and private sectors, coaching teams at all levels in organisations.

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