Coaching In Your Organisation

Organisational Performance Coaching: How do you engage all the members of your organisation? How to keep individuals and teams focussed on the strategic intent and direction of the organisation day after day? How do you translate the vision and mission of your organisation into differences on the ground that clients, employees and others can recognise and appreciate?

These are the questions we have been keen to address with our many clients.

We enable you to create organisational excellence through developing a “performance coaching culture“; one characterised by high challenge and high support.

  • Engage and motivate staff through goal alignment of individuals, teams and the whole organisation – creating the engaging challenge
  • Create constructive feedback, learning and motivation: getting individuals and teams to appreciate small step achievements, reinforcing what works and creating momentum – giving constructive support

Performance Coaching” ensures individuals are aligned to the objectives of their team, their function or Directorate and ultimately to the organisation, whilst supporting the development of behaviours that sustain high performance.

We begin by establishing strategically relevant performance measures – “the dials on the dashboard”. We then support the embedding and sustaining of the programme through ensuring links to other key business processes, such as the service and business planning cycle, the appraisal cycle, personal and professional development plans, capability and job descriptions. This ensures you get the return for your investment.

Crucially, we transfer the skills of performance coaching; the skill of key conversations; right time, right place, right person, right subject giving the needed nudge toward higher engagement and performance. Based on a “Solutions Focused Approach” it makes an immediate difference in performance and morale.

The main workshops are designed for up to 24 participants. Not only is this cost effective, it also allows whole leadership and management teams to attend the same programme, meaning they hear the same messages and can be engaged in constructive conversations and decisions.

Clients who have implemented the programme include: Reading Borough Council, Lloyds Group, Ikea, Warwickshire County Council, Mendip District Council, Wokingham BC, and Great Yarmouth DC

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We also offer coaching qualifications and accreditation, for those who want to take it further, or who want to develop a “professional” internal executive coaching capability. To read more, click HERE.

We support the development of talent and effective leadership behaviours with our customisable 360o feedback programme. To find our more click HERE