Becoming a Coach

Becoming a Coach : We train and develop individuals to become skilled in the craft of coaching and excellence creation in others, both as one to one and team coaches.

As a skilled and accomplished professional in your own field of expertise, there comes a time when you want to embrace the challenge of coaching and mentoring others to develop themselves to their full potential. It can be some of the most fulfilling work you ever do.

If you are exploring that as a future for you, we can help.

We see coaching as a “craft skill”, one that can be learned, honed and worth developing for its own sake, as an art – although when you get good, being paid for doing it helps.

To that end, we have developed a range of programmes to suit whatever your style of learning, the pace at which you want to learn and also the level. Our fully accredited programmes run from ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) Level Three all the way to Level Seven – Masters level. We offer programmes in coaching and mentoring, coaching supervision and in team coaching.

We have flexible delivery options of:

  • Distance and on-line learning
  • Open programmes with a group of like minded professionals
  • Customised in-house programmes

All our programmes are of the highest quality and acclaimed by clients as challenging, stretching, engaging and highly relevant. They are infused with a style of collaborative learning, where we co-create our shared understanding of the intriguing and changing area of coaching.

Our accreditation is run through the Academy of Leadership and Management, regarded by ILM as one of their foremost centres in the UK for Coaching Excellence. Visit their website HERE.

Check out our continuous professional development and supervision, designed to keep you sharp and developing your skills in the coming years.

If you would like a free coaching conversation to see if this is for you then make contact HERE. We’d be pleased to support your thinking.

In the meantime if a bit more information would help, download our coaching fact sheet HERE.

Fulfil your potential; by supporting someone else fulfil theirs.