Our Approach

Madison Philosophy – Underpinning our Methodology

  • As a successful virtual organisation, we are a ‘values driven’ team.

    We subscribe to the school of positive psychologies and work with our clients valuing what works and what could be better. A philosophy of the “glass half full”.

    That translates into:

    • open communication,
    • building on the positive,
    • constructive feedback,
    • effective challenge,
    • partnering and long term relationships,
    • adding value at all stages,
    • a commitment to fair trading and to sustainable development.
  •  “Cultures change one person at a time” –We respect the individual within our processes and interventions, finding ways for the individual to engage personally with the process of change, starting from where they are.
    We are respectful of each and every individual we work with, sensitive to the rates of change that each makes.
  • Inclusiveness and valuing diversity – no one person is less than any other, all are valued and recognised.
  • Respecting the individual in the system – whilst our focus is the individual as agent, we acknowledge the need to see and understand that in the context of the system in which they are operating. Helping discern what is them and what’s the system and therefore what the intervention could be. 
  • Culture change is the cornerstone of our work recognising that individuals always work within the context of a culture, a system and are faced with challenges.
  • We practise what we preach in living a learning culture with plan/do/review/learn, supported by a regular and intensive programme of supervision as a key part of our own reflective practise. We are a learning organisation, interested in creating learning communities. We pay particular attention to our own learning and development. We continually update our professional knowledge and skills through a wide range of inputs, contacts and networking.
    We share our new learning with clients and associates alike in an open and inclusive, even generous way. Always attributing our sources, we take the view that it is there to be given not surrounded with copyrights.
  • Project management style and skill – the creation of programmes that are met with elegance and flow.
  • Proven – We have a client list of some very well known names.
  • We have a reputation for integrity and the highest ethics and professional standards. 
  • We are known to be fun to work with. Our work is too important to us to be taken too seriously. We would hope to have the occasional, well-earned laugh.