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Keith Shillam – Barrett Steel Limited

Jeff has been engaged at helping us to develop a strategic plan and culture change programme at Barrett Steel for the past twelve months or so.

His demeanour, temperament and interpersonal style are excellent and he ticks the boxes in terms of being an excellent facilitator and coach, with an ability to communicate effectively at all levels, from the Executive board to shop-floor level. At each level Jeff is able to introduce useful and meaningful analogies and case studies, drawn from his very evident breadth and depth of knowledge and experience.

Jeff is already making a big difference in helping to engage and motivate employees and to provide managers at all levels with the tools required to develop a high performance culture, whilst aligning Group level and individual site goals to deliver our five year plan.
The journey continues and I relish the opportunity of working with Jeff for many years to come.

I would have no hesitation to recommend him to anyone embarking on such a journey. “

Keith Shillam

Group Operations Director

Barrett Steel Limited