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Keith Dibble – Sheffield Hospitals NHS Trust

I have worked with Jeff (and other colleagues from the Madison Group) over many years, in a number of NHS organisations, and with a wide variety of staff groups, ranging from Senior Medics to management teams, from multi-disciplinary groups to specialist nursing staff, and from small groups to a Division-wide OD programme.

There have been common themes and challenges throughout – team building from a positive base; team creation from a dysfunctional starting point; the objective of establishing individual and group responsibility and accountability, etc.

The experience has always been positive, and thought provoking, as well providing a good deal of fun (i.e. making the learning experience highly enjoyable). Difficult and sometimes personal issues have been dealt with both sensitively and positively, and I have been most impressed with Jeff’s ability to pick up quite complex topics very quickly, and to revamp the approach of a session at the drop of a hat.

The outcomes of the vast majority of these events have been dramatic, and all of the teams involved in the processes have welcomed Jeff’s input and style of delivery, and have moved on considerably as a result. Teams have either started to perform, or have taken their performance to another level – and in a sustainable way, which for me is key. Individuals too have become more self aware, and have developed a greater understanding of the impact they might have on colleagues.

Jeff – and his team – combine intellectual and emotional challenge, with extensive listening skills, and that crucial element of humour, to create an excellent learning and development experience.

I would not hesitate to recommend Jeff for any team development or coaching requirement, and I am confident that I will be asking him to work with me again in the future.

Keith Dibble

Interim Project Manager, Gastroenterology Services

Sheffield Hospitals NHS Trust