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John Tench – Local Government Association

I worked with Jeff as part of a leadership development programme in Local Government and valued how adaptive his sessions were to individual needs as well as the needs of the group. I found his delivery gave a firm but professional notion that personal responsibility for learning and reflecting on development was a key part of the learning process as opposed to expecting to be ‘spoon fed’ the answer to your needs.

This supported a shift in my attitude towards learning and I now maintain use of the reflective learning principles for my own personal development. In my current role, which involves developing leadership, I have brought with me the principle of individual responsibility for leadership development and embed this within the core objectives of my own leadership programme.

I have attended many workshops, seminars and presentations within the field and the difference offered through Jeff/Madison was the opportunity to have open and frank two-way conversations throughout the whole process and it’s great to receive constructive challenge.

John Tench

National Graduate Development Scheme

Local Government Association