About Us

The Madison Group enables leaders to discover effective strategies that support continuous improvement of their own, their team’s and their organisation’s performance. This is accomplished through enabling individuals and teams to realise their undiscovered potential and to align it, resulting in the achievement of performance excellence.

We are a virtual organisation of like-minded professionals who come together because we enjoy working with each other. At its core is a group of four consultants who over a number of years have recognised each other as people who share their values, passions and can work together.

The result is we have fun doing what we do – which is co-creating performance excellence.

We are passionate about coaching and facilitating individuals and groups to achieve what they want and need to, breaking through self-imposed and self-limiting beliefs. And we are good at it.

Co-creating peak performance for your team.

Supporting you in developing your personal strategies for success.

Developing organisational excellence through creating a performance coaching culture.

Become supremely skilled in the craft of coaching, yourself.